Acupuncture Business Consulting


We are leaders in Acupuncture Business Consulting with more than a decade of experience with starting, maintaining, buying and selling Acupuncture practices.  We handle every aspect of small business growth needs  for the starting Acupuncturist or for seasoned Acupuncturists who need re-visioning and re-direction. We can revamp your business from new website design, logos, advertising, marketing strategies, decor, Acupuncture specialties, insurance and practice sale and purchase.  With our winning team of Entrepreneurs, we have the answers to how to achieve Acupuncture Business Success!

Our individualized Marketing Plans for your specific niche market are designed to uncover simple yet overlooked business resources and utilize a strategic marketing plan that will differentiate your company from other Acupuncturists and powerfully attract patients.

Our Acupuncture Business Consulting is holistic in the sense that we address the entire practice, noticing minute details and strategic planning for taking action to set you apart from other Acupuncturists.  Our  Acupuncture Business Success model is based on creating an affordable yet effective holistic focus on building a grounded, focused, financially stable Acupuncture practice.  Our analysis of your business needs will provide clarity and direction, with implementation of a plan for success.

Meet Our Team

Amy Suplee, LAc.

Amy is a leading-edge Acupuncture Business Consultant with years of experience.  She has owned and operated several Acupuncture businesses with experience in buying, selling, building and maintaining the Acupuncture practice, focusing on quick progress, rapid growth and sustained success.  She has been involved in the front end of the operation (clinical practice, patient management, marketing, networking, accounting, etc) and the back end (web design and development, search engine optimization and visibility). With hands on development experience, she knows what it takes to develop a successful Acupuncture Practice, and her focus is on creating a 6 figure income for the practice in the first 1-2 years.

Amy is a practicing Licensed Acupuncturist, whose goal is to help other Acupuncturists to become a success, and to have a consistent, reliable, stable income.  Her goal is to build confidence in you as an Acupuncturist and in your practice to make it prosperous.

Understand Our Process

Do you need more patients? Do you need to know how to start, maintain or sell your Acupuncture practice? Do you have a strategic marketing plan that can set up your company for 25% to 100% growth over the next few months? Would you like to implement a system to draw in large numbers of patients quickly?  Do you need help getting noticed on google?

Whether your need is for starting up, selling or maintaining, we have years of experience and a successful track record to help you to accomplish your goals.  Many Acupuncturists start their practice, but do not hit the numbers that they are looking for.  We can help you make your practice BOOM!  We offer a comprehensive diagnosis and result-oriented solution to help you to have a Successful Acupuncture Business.


Our Services

Our Business consulting services fall into 2 broad categories:

  • Acupuncture Consulting Services

    • One on one Coaching
    • Holistic Clinical Success Management, Design, Implementation
    • Website Design- SEO Optimization, Get Noticed Package
    • Marketing Strategizing
  • Strategic Marketing Consulting

    • We will create a marketing plan designed specifically for business growth. We provide Acupuncture business consulting services that focus on strategic marketing plans to bring new patients in the door quickly.
    • We will implement a plan/strategy to keep your existing patients coming in.
    • We know how to create a website that optimizes quickly and will teach you strategies to continuing it crawling upward.
    • We will teach you the ins and outs of networking-what needs to be done and not be done.
    • We will walk you through how to have a successful Acupuncture practice with a step by step guide that you can follow for your own personal success.