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We are an Association for Acupuncturists, by Acupuncturists and Business Professionals.

We work to increase Professionalism, Business solutions, Education, and Advancement for the profession of Acupuncture.

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AcuIQ International is an Internationally Acclaimed Association for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.  It is the largest Association representing Acupuncturists in the world.  Our Members get worldwide recognition for accomplishments in their field.


We represent a governing body who is helping to move the Acupuncture profession forward. We want Acupuncture to be known to the Western World, integrated and accepted worldwide in insurance plans, and Acupuncturists to be recognized as healthcare providers who have excelled in their scholastic achievements and medical knowledge.


We are working on legislative issues to move the entire profession forward, to create more jobs for Acupuncturists, to allocate for our rights as Practitioners to evaluate, diagnose and treat individuals. We are helping the world to know and understand the importance and effectiveness of Acupuncture.


In legislation, we are working to keep the practice of Acupuncture held by those who have graduated from an Accredited Acupuncture School. We are lobbying against Physical Therapists, Chiropractors and M.D’s from doing Acupuncture, if they do not have the proper training from an accredited program.


We are providing Acupuncturists with the necessary business tools and skills that it takes to have a successful Acupuncture practice. This is a key focus for Acupuncturist and our Association has realized that there is a deficit in business knowledge/course in Acupuncture school. We will make up for that deficit and give you more than you need to know.


We provide discounted CEU Courses and FREE business information for members of the Association.


We will get you noticed on the Web-we have an in-house web designer with over a decade of experience who knows how to get website exposure and build a well thought-out and inviting Acupuncture Website.


We provide Free website advertising for your practice, as a member. This includes your picture and biography. This, along with our in-house web designer can greatly help to optimize your website.

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