Acupuncture Clinical Safety


This course will provide a fundamental overview of clinical safety in the acupuncture clinic, as set by the National Acupuncture Foundation, adhering to state and national board requirements for clean needle technique. It will include practice management , practices that meet the needs of OSHA, public health and safety and licensure requirements to ensure the safety of your patients, your practice and you as the licensee.

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Cleanliness and Safety of the Acupuncture Clinic

Author: amy

Cleanliness and Safety of the Acupuncture Clinic It is important to have clinical standards which have been set to a precedent for the Acupuncture Standard of Practice.  A combination of organizations have come together to set these standards such as the NCCAOM, the National Acupuncture Foundation, and in addition information about clinical safety and standards […]

Office Standards of Cleanliness

Author: amy

Office Standards of Cleanliness According to OSHA standards, the clinical practice office should be maintained in a clean and sanitary condition.  There is supposed to be a schedule of cleaning that has been laid out for continued maintenance.  The acupuncture office should be clean and free of dust, dirt, carpets/floors cleaned, furniture, shelves, table tops, […]

The Patient

Author: amy

The Patient The patient should either be positioned in a prone (face down) position or supine (face up).  This is except in the case of a pregnant patient or a patient who has an injury and can only lie on their side.  It is important to make sure that once the needles are inserted that […]

Equipment and Safety

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Equipment Safety Needles should be isolated until they are sterilized or disposed of.  The biohazard sharps container should be right beside the treatment table to prevent secondary needle sticks.  It is recommended that needle containers be replaced on a regular basis, when they are approximately three quarters full versus filling it all the way to […]


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Needle Sterilization When opening needles, the needles must be handled in a way so that it is not in contact with anything that is not sterile.  Needle insertion and manipulation must be practiced without the practitioner’s hands coming in contact with the needle shaft.  If the needle shaft must be supported, a sterile gauze pad […]