Acupuncture Ethics and Legality


This course is a refresher about medical ethics as related to clinical practice. It will cover standard of care, ethical duties of the practitioner, medical records, contracts and legal knowledge, etiquette and moral and ethical behavior. This course will give the practitioner practical information to utilize in day to day operation of the clinic. We will also discuss the NCCAOM Code of Ethics.

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Morals and Etiquette

Author: amy

Morals Morals are recognized as principles of correct conduct.  Initially ‘correct conduct’ was founded in religious beliefs in Judeo-Christian, Islamic, Buddhist and others.  This can be seen as a very ‘moral person’ or it can take on a broader meaning that encompasses virtues, courage, balance, wisdom, and equality or fairness in treatment of others.  Behavior […]

Patient Care

Author: amy

Medical Ethics and Patient Care As an Acupuncturist you want to have compassion for your patient’s needs and be trusted as their provider for acupuncture and holistic health.  Building relationships is one of the most important aspects of being an acupuncturist.  Really, the medical ethics guidelines allow you to become a better provider because it […]

AMA Ethical Code

Author: amy

AMA Code of Ethics The American Medical Association has a quite a substantial code of medical ethics whose purpose is to allow the practicing physician to self-regulate.  Ethical teachers have recommended that when you find yourself in a sticky situation, it is important to ask yourself some questions: How would I want a family member […]

NCCAOM Ethical Code

Author: amy

NCCAOM Code of Ethics NCCAOM is the governing body for Acupuncture and they have their own Code of Ethics which states the following: As a Diplomate of NCCAOM I hereby pledge my commitment to the following principles: Respect the rights, privacy and dignity of my patients and maintain confidentiality and professional boundaries at all times. […]

Protection-Personal and for the Patient

Author: amy

Protection-Personal and for the Patient As a practitioner it is very important to protect yourself from any kind of litigation, loss of reputation, earnings, license, etc.  This is why it is important to adhere to the law.  These codes are created as a guideline for practitioners to follow.  Patients trust that they are seeing a […]

Physician Duties

Author: amy

Physician Duties Once the patient-practitioner relationship has been established, the physician has a duty to diagnose, treat and utilize ‘due care.’  Due care is a duty to have adequate regard for the other person.  Due care also assumes that the physician has education, training and skill to care for the patient in the way that […]


Author: amy

Running an Ethical Practice Ethical issues today include safety and confidentiality when communicating with third parties, and keeping medical information private Medical Records The practice of medicine is based on complete and accurate medical records.  Running an ethical practice means that you try your best to follow all four ethical principles.  As a reminder, those […]

Medical Records

Author: amy

Medical Records Release A medical records release form with the patient’s information, permission and signature is vital before releasing any medical records to another practitioner, or a family member.  Accuracy about where this medical record is being sent is important because if there is a mistake made this is a breach of confidentiality.  In addition, […]


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Contracts A contract comes into play when an offer is made by one party and an offer is accepted by another party.  These two parties enter into a contractual relationship by way of mutual assent.  In a healthcare setting, the patient promises to pay the fee and the provider promises to provide treatment.  Therefore, it […]