How to Attract Prosperity and Wealth for Acupuncturists


This course holds the secret to how economic and emotional security can be achieved in a practical, non-competitive and imaginative way, using attitude, thoughts, belief and the law of attraction to draw in business success and wealth to an Acupuncture clinic. By living in accordance with the positive principles outlined in this class, an Acupuncturist can find their rightful way in the business arena and achieve true success and a growing practice, that leads to health, success and happiness in a holistic way.

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The Science to Attracting Wealth

Author: amy

The Science to Attracting Wealth According to the laws of nature, there is a science to acquiring wealth. People who own property and have acquired money have done things in a certain way. Those who engage in such activities whether purposefully or by accident will obtain wealth. Obtaining wealth is not a matter of environment, […]

The Idea of Plenty

Author: amy

The Idea of Plenty It has been said that there is only a certain amount of money to go around and that our world is suffering from a deficit. This may be true logically but there is plenty of opportunity out there to increase income. No one is kept in poverty by a shortness in […]

Increasing Wealth

Author: amy

Increasing Wealth You absolutely must get rid of poor thoughts, or that it is your life destiny to be poor. Consciousness lives inside you and consciousness always wants to expand. If it is not expanding it is stagnating. Every living thing seeks for a greater abundance and enlargement of life. A seed planted in the […]

Bringing Wealth In

Author: amy

Bringing Wealth In The Key to bringing wealth in is to give people more in use value than you take from them in cash value. This is especially true in an acupuncture practice. In turn, if you have employees you must take from them more in cash value than you pay them in wages. Therefore, […]

Expressing Gratitude

Author: amy

Expressing Gratitude Faith is a big component in allowing your desires to manifest. You must live in a harmonious way with the formless substance, the vortex where all things are created. To allow for faith, you must attune your mind to receiving that which you desire. You need to have a good relationship with the […]

‘The Way’ Thoughts

Author: amy

The Way Thoughts When impressing your thoughts upon the thought substance, your ideas must be clear and definitive. You cannot get wealth by sending out signals that are misfired by not knowing what you want. You need to get a very clear mental picture of what you want, exactly how you wish it to look. […]

Using Willpower for Success

Author: amy

Using Willpower for Success Your willpower is to be used to take the right course of action once you have attained your vision. At the same time, keep your faith strong. The formless substance will receive a picture of your desires and this picture will penetrate through the universe, as it moves different elements to […]

Stay Positive

Author: amy

Stay Positive Put poverty and all things that pertain to not having enough money or riches behind you. Do not talk to others about financial problems, family hardships, bad times, etc. You must change your thoughts from dwelling on the bad to manifesting the good. Emancipate yourself from financial worry by knowing that your day […]

Rightful Action

Author: amy

Rightful Action Often times people will misunderstand the law of attraction by thinking that thought alone is enough and that riches should come pouring in with a mere thought. Thought is the beginning, however personal action is equally as important. Thoughts can create a mountain full of gold, but thoughts cannot mine the gold and […]

Advancing with Action

Author: amy

Advancing with Action Individuals who are not living fully in the present, holding responsibility, taking action, taking accountability, rely on and are held up by other people. The progress of the world is stagnated by those who are not carrying themselves in the present. Each day is either a day full of success and production […]

Utilizing Your Tools

Author: amy

Utilizing Your Tools As an Acupuncturist, you may or may not feel the confidence that you need to start and run a practice. However, it is important to remember that even if you do not have all of the knowledge of acupuncture that you feel you need, or ALL of the business tools that you […]


Author: amy

Increase Increase is the act of finding fuller expression. People are typically seeking nicer homes, clothes, more food, more beauty, further knowledge, and a better life. If we are not increasing, we are decreasing, stagnating and deteriorating. All systems need order or they go to a state of chaos. Do remember that the desire to […]

Advancing Life

Author: amy

Advancing Life The Acupuncturist who wants to give health and life to others people while holding a vision of being a successful practitioner, while holding the vision, faith, gratitude and staying humble will continue to receive increase. You are helping patients to advance their lives. By putting the power of success in all actions that […]

Key Points

Author: amy

Key Points For this to work, your thoughts must stay creative vs competitive. You must also see the supply for money as unlimited with enough for you. Live for today and work for today. Be careful about how you speak of yourself and your affairs-try to stay positive always! Do not speak in a way […]