Ayurveda and Essential Oils


This course gives an overall view of what Ayurveda is, and how essential oils are used for medicinal healing for various diseases/conditions. This course will discuss the deeper meaning behind essential oils, their importance for therapeutic dosages as well as cautions. The acupuncturist will leave this class knowing how to utilize essential oils in their acupuncture practice.

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Treating Diseases with Ayurveda

Author: amy

Treating Diseases with Ayurveda Although one’s base constitution (Prakruti) does not change, there are imbalances that occur, known as Vikruti.  Imbalances can be caused by many things: improper diet, stress, imbalanced lifestyle, environmental factors, etc.  One or more of the doshas (pitta, vata, kapha) can become aggravated and result in an increase or decrease in […]

Constitution and Balancing

Author: amy

Constitution and Balancing There are a number of ways to figure out the base constitution in a patient.  Online quizzes can be very helpful for this, or there are books on the subject to determine this.  Ayurveda teaches that ‘like increases like’.  Therefore, consuming foods that are Vata in nature will increase the Vata in […]

Ayurvedic Lifestyle

Author: amy

Ayurvedic  Lifestyle According to Ayurvedic Medicine, lifestyle factors can be detrimental or therapeutic to overall health. If Vata is in excess, it is important to keep a regular routine, meditation is important to stay calm and grounded, and applying warm oil such as sesame oil (which is warming by nature) before bed or before showering […]

Botanical Medicine

Author: amy

Botanical Medicine Due to the innate intelligence of plants, they can be used for many different ailments, disharmonies and even for maintaining health.  Plants have an innate intelligence, whereby realizing that if they produce aromatic compounds, they have far less diseases and problems.  Plants were here on earth 400 million years ago.  Humans were here […]

Ayurvedic Intelligence

Author: amy

Ayurvedic Intelligence Since Vata relates to the nervous system, respiration,  and digestion,  it is important to choose aromatics and essential oils that will calm this.  Since Prana is life force, it is also the flow of the mind.  Slow breathing which relates to the lungs, connects to the mind and can calm it.  It has […]

Aromatic Plants and Essential Oils

Author: amy

Aromatic Plants and Essential Oils In the creation of plants, plants create a protection/immunity as they purify the air around them.  The needles and leaves are the immune system of the forest.  When a respiratory oil is diffused, there is a fine mist of micro-droplets creating a community immunity.  It kills surrounding microbes in the […]

Essential Oils and the Treatment of Disease/Disorders

Author: amy

Essential Oils and the Treatment of Disease/Disorders:   IBS typically IBS is from chronic nervous system tension.  Deep relaxation oils and oils used for stress will help this. *Use one drop of cardamom oil in ginger tea or chai tea *Use 1-2 drops of citrus oil or peppermint oil in water and drink   CANDIDA […]

The Science of Prana

Author: amy

The Science of Prana There are more similarities between the human body and plants than there are differences.  The food that we eat has pranic intelligence and consciousness that can heal the body.  If in touch with this consciousness, one can be in touch with the creator.  It has been said that through meditation, one […]

Sacred Fragrances

Author: amy

Sacred Fragrances Sacred fragrances have a historical connection to religious history and culture or rites of passage.  Typically these oils are rare, precious and sacred.  They all have a history of purifying the environment. There are several unique characteristics of the ‘sacred oil’: Strong association with spiritual practices Religious History All are rare substances Have […]


Author: amy

Attars A true attar is a perfume oil made from flower petals distilled in water using low heat and pressure. Some attars also contain exotic woods, spices and resins. Over several weeks, the steam containing the fragrance oils is collected into a container of mild sandalwood oil.  Attars directly affect consciousness through repeated daily exposure. […]


Author: amy

Conclusion The flow of time and space is the flow of the perceiver at a neurochemical level.  This flow of time and space is different depending on where you are.  If you meditate on a symbol, the symbol will pop up everywhere.  Where we put our attention, directs the flow of the nervous system.  Synchronicity […]