Course Category: Ethics (ET)

  • Acupuncture Ethics and Legality

    by amyacupuncture medical ethics

     2 PDA POINTS-$40 This course is a refresher about medical ethics as related to clinical practice. It will cover standard of care, ethical duties of the practitioner, medical records, contracts and legal knowledge, etiquette and moral and ethical behavior. This course will give the practitioner practical information to utilize in day to day operation of […]

  • Acupuncture Medical Ethics

    by amyacupuncture ethics, acupuncture ceu classes, acupuncture ceu courses

    10 PDA POINTS-$80 This course covers the fundamental guidelines of medical ethics and the issues that you may encounter in your acupuncture practice. This course will teach you how to apply logical reasoning skills, ethical theories and ideas, addressed gray areas in medicine, and decision making when encountering ethically charged situations. This course will cover […]