Business Success For Acupuncturists-Part II


This course will teach the Acupuncturist how to build confidence, gain credibility, promote, network and market to gain patients, referrals and a full patient load for the long-term.

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Service Standards

Author: amy

Service Standards There is a certain standard of service that people are looking for, and what they expect for the cost of a private acupuncture treatment. Quality of Service: this is likely one of the most important service standards.  People want to know that they are getting what they pay for.  They want to know […]

Acknowledging and Showcasing Expertise

Author: amy

Acknowledging and Showcasing Expertise Of course it takes time to become a category authority, but this is what you want to be working toward.  You want people to know you as an expert in your particular field.  You want to be known as the best person for the job, in a particular area of specialty.  […]

How To Sell

Author: amy

How To Sell The key to effective sales is about turning conversations into relationships.  People buy from those that they like and trust and those that are believable on the phone.  This could be a conversation between a potential patient and yourself or an established patient and a potential patient, or a potential patient and […]

The Importance of Likeability

Author: amy

The Importance of Likeability Having a successful business is not only about credibility, but also likeability.  If your likeability factor is high, you are more apt to be chosen as a person’s Acupuncturist.  After all, reviews online are all based on the likeability factor.  Being in business is part about knowledge, what you know and […]

Networking Strategies

Author: amy

Networking Strategies Networking is about building a patient base, an email list or a list of ‘subscribers’ that you can keep in touch with.  You can start building this list by sending out a newsletter, writing a blog post, creating an offer on facebook or twitter.  Broadcast lists must be permission-based, meaning that somewhere or […]

Direct Outreach

Author: amy

Direct Outreach Reaching out to people is going to be a bit limited because for Acupuncturists, people typically come looking for services.  However, there are still a number of things that you can do.  One avenue that can be utilized in today’s age with social media is to use facebook groups in your local area.  […]

Selling and Pricing

Author: amy

Selling and Pricing It is important to keep your prices reasonable without giving the service away to be competitive with other acupuncturists.  If you offer too many specials or your services at such a discount, people will never get used to paying the regular price and you will end up cutting yourself short.  One of […]

Keep in Touch Strategy

Author: amy

Keep In Touch Strategy The key to keeping in touch is to offer specials and emails with valid and useful information without being annoying or over-doing it.  No one wants their email inbox to be overloaded with emails from the same person.  Therefore, think about what it is that you are sending out.  Send one […]

Web Strategy

Author: amy

Web Strategy As we discussed earlier, a good website is key to bringing in business.  You certainly want to spend some time and money on this as this is your outward appearance that represents you and your business. Remember this: Display yourself as an expert with visibility, credibility, and honesty Build your brand and market […]